Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it happened in a church pew

In a church pew I have...

sat at the funeral of my father, worshipped in wonder, nursed a baby, slept, watched my children be baptized, made out with a boy (high school), poured my heart out in tears, ministered to small children in Mexico, taught teenagers in inner-city Detroit, contemplated how panty hose are a tool of Satan's, taken notes, written notes, lifted my hands, sat on my hands, prayed for my marriage, prayed for my future, pled for healing for the people I love, watched my children do performances that made me laugh so hard I cried and made me so proud I cried, sat and watched the people i love at my wedding rehearsal, been pissed off at church politics, been humbled by church grace, rocked babies, thumped children on the head and told them to "shut it," cursed God, cried to God, begged God, considered God, Loved God.
There are more but as I was thinking I realized that much of who I have "become" has happened while I was sitting in a church pew.